Linda Smith (beautycometrue) wrote in bush_vs_kerry,
Linda Smith


I just joined, and even though the elections over I still want to say what I think and have people comment on my opinions. I guess to start out with I should say that I wanted Kerry to win. Im not exactly a Democrat, but during the past few years Ive really started to wonder about Republicans. Some of the things I dont understand are: If everyone is equal, then why cant gays get married? And I dont think "Because its wrong" Is a very good answer. Why should a male president decide whether or not a woman gets an abortion? Those are the two main things that I really cant understand. If George Bush wants to make or change laws, shouldnt he change ones that will have an effect on him? How does it hurt him, or anyone else, if two people of the same sex want to get married? Or if a woman has an unplanned pregnancy and choses not to have the baby? A woman had to fight to give us the right to chose abortion or not, so why should a male president say that its not alright? And why would any female want to support him? Ok, well those are some of my questions. Please comment, and tell me what you think. Thanks.

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